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Batteries for Business

A Battery Storage system allows a business to obtain electricity from a source that is relatively inexpensive like Solar or Off-Peak grid energy. 


Then consume the energy at a time when electricity is relatively expensive or unavailable.

Why install a Battery Storage system?

Batteries have a long lifetime and the cost savings over the life of the system can make economic sense for some businesses. The increased ability to use renewable energy is an attractive bonus. Businesses can potentially reduce costs using battery storage in the following ways:

Maximising Solar PV production

  • The average cost of a Solar PV installation means that solar energy is typically inexpensive compared to purchasing electricity from the grid.

  • Batteries enable Homeowners and Businesses to self-consume more Solar PV by storing energy for when solar is not available.


  • Most economical for small to medium energy users.

  • Requires surplus Solar PV generating capacity.

  • Suitable for Businesses interested in increasing the proportion of energy they consume from renewable sources. 

Time-of-use tariffs

  • Batteries can be used to exploit the different cost of energy at different times of day.

  • Energy can be sourced from solar PV or from the grid during off-peak tariff periods and consumed during peak tariff periods.


  • Most effective when the peak tariff rate is high.

  • Larger energy users may find Time of-use tariffs ineffective because they are charged much less for energy than smaller energy users.

Reducing capacity charges

  • Businesses that pay capacity charges can use batteries to limit the maximum power capacity used in a billing period.

  • This technique limits the network component of charges which are calculated on peak power usage.


  • Only suitable for businesses on applicable tariffs: typically larger energy users with predictable loads.

  • Good knowledge of power usage is required for the system to be effective.

  • Power for battery charging can be sourced from the grid, solar or otherwise.

  • Most economical when high power usage occurs for short durations.

Why Use Solar Panels for Businesses?
Did you know that solar panels can reduce your business’ environmental footprint and save you money every year?

Commercial solar panels can be beneficial regardless of whether your company is large or small.

Most businesses are active in the daytime, which means they are the perfect candidates for utilising solar panels.


The energy produced by solar panels is automatically used by the demand from your business or exported to the grid if there is excess, unless you pair your Solar PV system with a Battery Storage system.

One of the key benefits is the substantial cost savings — even small businesses can save hundreds of pounds each year.

Over the 25-year lifetime of solar panels, this equates to thousands of pounds. Solar panels systems can also sell excess energy to utility companies for a profit.

The benefits of solar panels for business go beyond practicality and saving money.


By switching to commercial solar panels, you are also lowering your business’ carbon footprint.

This is based on the amount of greenhouse gases produced by your actions.

Solar energy is renewable and carbon neutral. Switching would indicate your business’s commitment to green and sustainable practices.

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